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Yves Vekemans

International Entrepreneur in sportainment and corporate wellbeing. Passionate and charismatic public speaker who will inspire you to change your corporate life by using your personal Mantra.

Meet the speaker

Yves' Mantra is simple and straightforward. Everyone can reach happiness and success as long as they focus on 4 things: Dream. Team. Focus. Network. Yves takes you on an inspirational journey through his personal entrepreneurial story where he focused on his Mantra. He will advise you how to stick to your mantra.

About Yves' curriculum

Master in Mathematics & Technology

In the year the first PC hit the market, he started his master in Mathematics and Technology. IT has been a passion for Yves since day one. Technology is used as a driver for the Herculean business.

Guest Lecturer Real Madrid Sports MBA

For three consecutive years, Yves is one of the guest lecturers at the Escuela Universitaria Real Madrid. His students follow the Master's Degree in Sports Management. 

Charity Fundraiser for SO and ACS

Yves is a fan of Special Olympics and helped them to bring the European Games to Antwerp in 2014. He's now working with Special Olympics to promote Play Unified. In the USA, Hercules Trophy also supports the American Cancer Society.

Youngest CIO of the Year

 In 1999 Yves was elected CIO of the Year by Belgian ICT magazine DataNews. He received the award at the age of 27, which made Yves the youngest CIO of the Year until now. 

Business Administration

Yves has obtained a Post Graduate in Business Administration, as well as a Post Graduate in Operations Management. Both at one of Europe's oldest and most prestigiuous universities, the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium.

Family Business

Yves isn't alone in building his international business. His wife Inge -a former client- is just as passionate about Herculean as he his. They have 3 children that they involve as much as possible.

Corporate background

Yves Vekemans' success as a speaker and unique understanding of vision traces back to first steps as an intrapreneur in several industries. Yves earned his tracks by holding senior management positions in Insurance, Industry, Telecom, IT and Digital Marketing. He was blessed to have top mentors along his corporate path. He now feels the need to share his experiences and to teach corporate people on how to maximize their potential, just like he has learnt from the best. That's also why Yves became a mentor at the Founders' Institute and a guest lecturer at the University of Real Madrid, Spain.

Yves holds a Masters degree Mathematics and Technology at the prestigious University of Leuven, where he also obtained a Post Graduate in Business Administration and a Post Graduate in Operations Management. He has founded Herculean Cooperation, the holding behind Hercules Trophy, Hercules Academy and Hercules Projects, revolutionary concepts in teamwork, corporate sportainment and wellbeing. Yves believes in the power of sport to change the world. That's why he's a big fan of Special Olympics and Unified Sports as a mean to integrate athletes with a disability. Yves has helped organizing the European Special Olympic Games in 2014 by raising funds and connecting companies with charity. 

Yves’ special blend of warmth, humor and experience helps audiences identify their unchallenged roadblocks to success. He is passionately committed to helping businesses explore new levels of vision and performance by developing their own Mantra. He encourages his audiences to focus, free the thought process and rediscover their untapped potential to become leaders in their field. His extensive experience allows him to tackle a broad range of topics, ranging from complex, strategic challenges, to technology questions, entrepreneurship, internationalisation and fan management.

As the landscape for business continues to change, a clear vision is the key to successfully navigating tomorrow’s unchartered waters. Through his interactive way of interacting with his audience, Yves helps organisations unconventional wisdom and build a vision for their future. No matter what kind of organization – from small companies to large corporations – employees at all levels can better embrace the future by becoming more innovative. Discover how you can sharpen your skills and identify a personal style for inspiring yourself and others to rethink vision and purpose.  


What Yves' audience thinks

Yves has been a keynote speaker in our Sports MBA program and he has always brought a spark of genius and creativity to his sessions. He soon became a reference not only for the students but for us as well, and his contribution to the program has gone outside of the classroom, always connecting students with the professional world and by bringing a great quality corporate example such as Hercules Trophy. I'm pleased to have him as a colleague and I highly recommend him for any professional collaboration in the industry.

Pedro Díaz Ridao

Management Professor, Real Madrid Graduate School, Author and Social Entrepreneur

Yves is a dynamic entrepreneur with a great business idea - Hercules Trophy. His charism and natural leadership are differentiate him. He has great ambitions to deliver the concept globally.

 I have no doubt with this tenacity, detail focus and passion that he will succeed. Strong values and a laid back business style make him great to communicate with and a long term business partner for any business that wants to invest in their workforce. 

Hazel Jackson

CEO and Strategy Business Coach at Biz Group

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