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Herculean cvba is a Belgian holding company with regional offices in Middle East&Africa (Dubai), the United States of America (New York) and Europe (Belgium).

We want to become the global trusted advisor in sportainment and corporate wellbeing through 3 business units: Hercules Trophy, Hercules Projects and Hercules Academy .

Herculean’s success is a result of a solid concept, supported by a cloud platform and the unique Herculean values. People with different backgrounds and expertise work together across borders to create stunning experiences with happy customers and great shareholder value as a result.

In the past years, the Herculean business has been perfected in several countries in order to prepare a global roll-out following the success of other concepts like Color Run, Spartan Race, Tough Mudder, etc.

Since 2012, Herculean has been funded via investment rounds to finetune the Herculean business model organically with country partners. Herculean is preparing for the next step now.  

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3 Key Investment Areas

1. Invest in the Platform 

Add features to the existing cloud platform to drive new countries, enforce existing countries, support new businesses, focus on content marketing and sales automation. 

2. Develop the Team 

Find and nurture higly skilled new Herculeans all over the world to join the team and drive further growth. Quality over quantity. 

3. Accelerate Growth 

With a proven business model, we can accelerate growth in existing regions and cities. We will also find and activate new partners and countries.

Key Facts 

Fact 1: Proven 

Sportainment and Corporate Wellbeing company with thousands of fans from different cultures, countries and age groups. 

Fact 2: Diversified 

Businesses (Trophy, Projects and Academy) with own offices in 3 regions and partners in several cities.  

Fact 3: Scalable 

Standard business model that can grow exponentially all over the world through new partners and regions. 

Fact 4: Content driven

Data analytics platform, driving the Herculean business and connecting fans.  

Fact 5: Experienced

Core team with partners, supported by corporate governance model with Board of Advice. 


Herculean’s cooperative structure allows for a framework where accountability and transparency are fundamental to ensure the projected growth plans and a happy profit. Governing bodies like the Board of Advice and Board of Directors as well as the key people with core people and rookies, the staff and fans are a part of the cooperation's DNA.


Yves Vekemans


Yves is a humble warrior with a type 3 personality type who loves to inspire people and students at Real Madrid Sports Management MBA. 

Inge Van Belle


Inge is a hard-working customer-centric entrepreneur with a background in Law and languages. She's passionate about innovation.

Board of Advice

Lode Peeters

CEO at Tobania nv/sa

Luc Blyaert 

Director at Raad voor de Journalistiek

Peter D'Hoore

Founder at Kumsheen

Kris Verreyken

Kris Verreyken

Managing partner at VS&P nv

Wim Vochten

Wim Vochten

Founder of XPlusConsultants

Rob Goyens

VP Treasury, Investor Relations & Real Estate at Telenet

Thousands of fans from small and large companies

Coca Cola
Zodiac Aerospace
The Walt Disney Company

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