I'm a Herculean
I challenge YOU...

to compete

in the COOLEST
corporate team challenge

on the planet

Challenge accepted!

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Poland: 13 May 2017
Promenada Country Club, Nieporet

Teams of 5 to 7 players
12 awesome Challenges 
NO athletic skills required (No kidding!)

Come as a Company,
Leave as a Team

Reserve Your Team(s) Now
and bring that trophy Home!

The Hercules Trophy Corporate Team Challenge 2017 Starts In

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Why you should accept this challenge:

Reason #1

To build your team in a unique and fun way.
No athletic skills required.
Everybody loves it!

Reason #2

To show your brand to thousands of other companies all over the world, to compete and network.

Reason #3

To grow your professional network in a revolutionary way and to grow your business. 

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