STRATEGY DAY, PARTNER DAY... you can imagine,
adapted to your brand, values and needs, 
based on the international know-how of the HERCULEAN group.



Hercules Projects is your Sportainment and Corporate Wellbeing Partner 
with +16 years of global expertise 
with own offices in Europe, USA and Middle East.

We believe that sport has the power to unite people
in a way that little else does



Teambuilding 2.0
Come as a company, leave as a team!

  • Why not have a Company Day with cool challenges instead of the standard sports ? We use the expertise gathered all over the world to create a unique customer experience. We adapt to your needs and make it your event.
  • Why not add a competitive edge to your Company Day where everybody feels like a winner and will be more engaged? We have the know-how to do so for all fitness levels.
  • Why not use our online platform to create more engagement before, during and after the event? Teams can see who they will compete, when in which challenge. Teams can challenge each other and can win all sorts of funky awards.
  • Why not integrate your company charity and let the teams find funding through our online platform?
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Work hard, play hard!

  • We run massive corporate festivals all over the world and we know a thing or two about entertainment.
  • Entertainment is a crucial component to make the day successful.
  • Captains briefing, opening ceremony, company dance, speeches, DJ, cheerleaders... you name it, everything is possible.
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Venue, Food and Drinks
Because what is a Company Day without a drink?

  • We can run your Company Day on nearly any venue, big or small, urban or outdoor. We adapt the challenges to the venue. 
  • We can organise full-option packages including catering, or you take care of the venue and catering. Flexibility is our middle name.
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Employer Branding and Corporate Wellbeing
How cool can your company be?

  • Bring people together is one thing, getting a high return on capital another.
  • Company Days should be engaging and should be integrated with your company values.
  • Active challenges are ideal to experience your company values and to make people proud of your company.
  • Why not integrate Corporate Wellbeing components within the day to inspire employees?
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Hercules Kids
We love children (and vice versa)

  • We can inspire and engage the children with their own, adapted challenges.
  • They can even score points for the teams and win awesome medals.
  • Children will feel herculean and Mom and Dad will be true heroes!
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Let us help you organize your next Company Day!

We'll make it unforgettable



Hey, we organised over 120 challenges all over the world. Together we will create the ideal mix for your company, connected to your values and accessible to all fitness levels. Maybe we can even invent new challenges for you?

Here are only 6 ideas. If you think these are cool, wait until you see the rest!

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Belly Slide

It's one of the rare activities where having a big belly can actually an advantage. That's probably why this challenge has become very popular amongst business people. So bring on the soap and slide like you've never done before.

Have fun
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Kart Building

Build your own wooden kart together with your team and drive it. It's the perfect test to see how a team works, who has the best technique and who can focus on the most important actions under time pressure.

Be smart
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Cross Country

A real classic. Conquer obstacles with your team on massive inflatables. In fact, we have the biggest inflatable obstacle race in the world.

Work in team
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Truck Pulling

Release the power. A true team challenge! We have the gear, we have the know-how. Teams of 5 can pull this off. It's short, It's intense, it's fun!

Feel strong
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Did you know that this is actually an official sport discipline? Follow the latest trends and push your teams to new heights. It's all about team effort, tactics and it has a high Googliness factor.

Explore new things
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Giant Table Soccer

It's all in the flick of the wrist and the twist of the hand. 4 against 4! How cool is that? We own huge table soccer tables. Anybody can do this!

Crush your competitor

This is cool!

Let's start planning together