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Hercules Academy

Experienced coaches you can trust.

The Hercules Academy is part of the Herculean group and was
co-founded with former Olympic Coach, Serge Haubourdin, who used to coach Sabine Appelmans, former WTA player. Companies trust us when we help them improve their corporate wellbeing, not just wellness.

The Hercules Academy helps your employees with KNOWLEDGE and MOTIVATION to make informed lifestyle choices that result in energy engagement and enthusiasm in all areas of life and work.

Hercules Academy creates custom-made holistic programs with mental, physical, nutritional and social components based on olympic and academy experience.

Some examples

Core Talents, Personality tests, The Perfect Team

Discover your values, culture, talents and personality type and learn how to grow to your full potential. Discover the talents of your peers and grow towards the perfect team.

Holistic Wellbeing Coaching, Programs and Workshops

Yoga at your desk, food workshops, functional training,  judo initiations, name it. We offer tons of programs and workshops tailored to your company needs.

Custom made team days that combine work, fun and wellbeing

Combine fun, activities and topics about corporate wellbeing on one day, half a day, a few hours? We create inspiring solutions touching different aspect of corporate wellbeing.

Managing Coaches

Serge Haubourdin

Serge co-founded the Hercules Academy, holds several master degrees and has a wide international experience as Olympic Coach and entrepreneur.

Sabine Appelmans

Top 15 WTA tennis player, Sportswoman of the year 1990 & 1991, coach of the FedCup team, Olympic Athlete, TV Presenter, inspirational speaker and now also one of the coaches in the Hercules Academy.

What Our Clients Say

"The Hercules Academy helped us define and execute our corporate wellbeing strategy successfuly."

Viktor Van De Kwast, CEO ABN AMRO.

"The combination of different building blocks during a one day event is what makes Hercules Academy unique."

Executive, BASF

"The core talents and personality tests are an ideal starting point to work on personal development and to become the perfect team."

Vice President, Atlas Copco

What Makes Us Different

At Hercules Academy, we understand that your employees are important to you. We treat you and your employees with the respect you deserve. Our coaches get to know you and your situation personally, so they can suggest a complete custom-made plan that fits your goals.

Our coaches can pick solutions from 4 building blocks to create and execute a holistic plan: BODY - MIND - NUTRITION - SOCIAL.

We are always available to answer your questions and address your concerns and we try to keep it fun.

Our goal is to take the burden of your corporate wellbeing challenges off of your shoulders. We will look at all available options to find the best solution for your situation. 

Ready to Talk to Us?

We’re looking forward to meeting you and discussing the options available to solve your corporate wellness challenges.